A Serviceable Set by Circespeaks

Drum Roll

Not long ago, in the middle of his senior year in high school, my son and his girlfriend came home and proceeded to unload an entire drum set from the trunk of her car. They trundled upstairs with the set, and it wasn’t long before the house was filled with the sound of drumming. It was not just the bashing and smashing I had feared.

At first I thought the mom who was so thrilled to see her son’s drum set leave through the front door was the lucky one. And I almost felt as though she should have asked me. She probably did say “Are you sure this is okay with your mom?” And of course he answered “Yes.” But, drums don’t have many needs. And like most musical instruments, they are quite good-looking. He has gone through phases with saxophone–lengthy–piano lessons–painful–and electronic keys–brief, so I wasn’t surprised to see a new instrument appear. Music lovers all in the family, we two are among the less gifted, but active participation compensates for native talent in many areas of life. (So maybe when he is not home, mom will be drumming?) Honestly, I just don’t want to hear a beginner on violin or viola, but am surely persuadable on that point as well.

Today, the free and serviceable drum set–with the exception of some nice cymbals–is about to be replaced by a Yamaha drum set formerly owned by a professional musician. The original owner is a jazz drummer from Colts Neck, New Jersey who played with the Springsteen crowd. Next time I speak with the musician and friend I purchased the set from, I will ask him whether it really was the guitarist, Richie Sambora, of Bon Jovi’s band, who played at the new set, or whether it was the drummer. Seems that it was Bon Jovi’s drummer drumming, but more importantly for those from NJ, it has Southside Johnny roots. It has history! I really do hope it will fit in the bedroom dormer where the free set now sits. Otherwise we have just lost a family room, where I enjoy sitting by the fire in the winter. Like my son, I am often more impulsive than practical. I knew that I could purchase this excellent set for a very reasonable price. Never did think to measure the set or the space.

Not that much of a realist, either, my plan is that by the end of Thanksgiving break, or at least the end of winter break, he sounds like John Bonham. Something like this? At least his hair is perfect. He’s got the early ’70s look.

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