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The Day After: Another Protest

No, as far as I know, it’s not the “End Times” or anything like that. For many of us, this is a quiet day of restoration and relaxation. Not for those who work or shop on Black Friday. Have we become so trivial that everyone in the United States knows that is a day of shopping? I understand why Christians set aside a day for Good Friday (even though I must often explain what the “good” part of crucifixion is, and why it is not instead called “Bad Friday.”) I do not understand how our culture has become so superficial that we have a National Day of Insane Shopping!

I took an online pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure what someone would have to do to convince me to participate in the entire Black Friday fracas. Yes, I admit it: I don’t like shopping. Consumerism makes me feel fairly ill. Why does our economy have to be built on throw-away items that need to be frequently replaced? It is largely forging ahead without me.

Today was spent working, visiting with friends and family, at the gym (which also involves visiting with friends) and now, having sent off yet another version of a document on which I have been working for months, I think I am going to rest with a book or my headphones, but away from all screens until it is time to get up and do it again. May the leftovers suffice! Since no one in this family has even ventured into a grocery store, they will have to. What was really missing from today was a nice, long walk.

My sincerest apologies for causing a crisis in the global economy. Could it be I am having delusions of grandeur and really need a nap?! No doubt Walmart did just fine without me.

Here’s to the semi-simple life. Naturally a bit hyper, this takes some effort for me.

Circe, put the lid down on the laptop. This post is not even an imperfectly formed essay, haiku (which I just almost spelled highku…) poem, or anything, but some thoughts on consumerism and my personal resistance to being totally sucked into the dementor thought process of “BUY..BUY…BUY.”