No, no. I’m not, really. But I do fear becoming so.

Am I crab walking, sidling up to my next “purpose”? Currently, I eschew leaps & bounds. Leaps, bounds, & orthopedists go together.

ACL Brace-Wearing Mermaid in Sports Bra

Confidentially, I still do some “stupid things” as my physical therapist says. In mid-July, I struggled down the steep steps to Bash Bish Falls. (My ACL brace is submerged in this photo.)

Urged by an impatient spouse and a few wild things, I later struggled down a steep hillside, and waded in muck into Lake Taghkanic. Bubbles ascending from the reedy muck alerted me to the presence of snapping turtles. But I plunged onward, breast-stroking through the reeds into the clear warm lake.

The offspring sprang, recklessly plunging in, and swimming across the lake and back. Only six weeks out from a complex back procedure, cautionary words from a suddenly sensible spouse stopped me midway. I lolled about on my neon green swim noodle, soothed by the serene waters of a warm, quiet lake.

I had an active day for a sedentary person.


1 thought on “Sedentary

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    Good for you, getting back to pleasurable activities as soon as you can.

    But do tell the impatient spouse to cool it – the last thing you need is to re-damage something, and be out for another bout of the same or worse healing experiences. Easy does it – and you can work up to ‘normal’ at your own pace.

    I have ME/CFS – we heal MUCH more slowly that able people – my spouse takes his cues from me. Neither of us needs me incapacitated longer than necessary. I also avoid almost all procedures, including some which MIGHT help, because of the ridiculously long healing times.


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